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She Will Forever Be Missed

Lin Chang Piliu (林張碧柳)


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Remembering Chang Piliu

This site was created in memory of our Lin Chang Piliu. Our loving mother and grandmother.

Memorial Service

Memorial Service
Remember her and celebrate her life.

Saturday, March 25th 2023

9AM Cremation Ceremony
No. 1 Funeral Home, Kaohsiung City 
2PM Farewell Service
Presbyterian Church of Taiwan (Yancheng District Church) No. 53, Lainan St, Yancheng District, Kaohsiung


Yanguang Christian Cross Garden, Kaotan, Daliao District

August 21ST, 1934

Our mother, Mrs. Lin Chang Piliu, was born in 1934 in a scholarly family in Yong'an Township, Gangshan Township. Both my maternal grandparents were educators during the Japanese occupation era. During her young age, she was entrusted to a wet nurse in the rural fishing village of Yong'an. After the war, although the family moved to the urban area, my mother established a deep relationship with the wet nurse in the fishing village, so she stayed in the fishing village until she was 14 years old before returning to Kaohsiung City to reunite with her family.

Because the Nationalist government had just moved to Taiwan, the education system in the countryside was not well established, and my mother missed the opportunity to go to school. In order to have a skill, she participated in a tailoring training class, and then helped customers design and make fashionable clothes to make a living until she married Mr. Lin Mao Chang in 1957. After the marriage, they had a son and three daughters. In the first few years of her marriage, she was a full-time homemaker, taking care of the affairs of the family, making all kinds of clothes for the children and also cooking many delicacies.

Because she was out of school when she was young, her knowledge of Chinese characters was limited. In order to gain more knowledge, she began to study the Roman alphabet in order to study the vernacular Bible. So the vernacular Bible was really the first book she could read in her life, knowing the God who created all things from the Bible and being baptized as a Christian to receive eternal life. The wisdom God revealed to her from the Bible surpasses any other book in the world. This also fulfills Proverbs 1:7 "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge". When we were kids, my mom used to sew our clothes while telling us stories from the Bible. Later, my mother led my father and us to church to get to know Jesus Christ.

Around the mid-1960s, my father ran a food store on Sinle Street, and my mother also began to help the food store and learn some business skills. Because of my mother's careful planning ability, she also became my father's right-hand person in business. Throughout her life, she has not been hindered from learning new knowledge and skills just because she was out of school at a young age. As Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me".

My mother had a much disciplined lifestyle, getting up early every day for devotional prayer and exercising. Daily necessities are very simplified and environmentally friendly, and special attention was paid to healthy diet. After retirement, my mother often accompanied my father to travel around the world to appreciate God's wonderful creations and to broaden her knowledge of different customs and cultures. They had also been to the United States many times to reunite with their children and families and left many good memories for their grandchildren.

Mother taught us by her own example - not afraid of difficulties, keep on learning, thrifty and simple life style, and willing to help others. Thank you God for giving us a loving mother to lead this family by being a channel of Your blessing love. Because of Your mercy, my mother rested from her lifetime of labor and burdens, and returned to her heavenly home to enjoy the never-ending love feast that You arranged with the Lord Jesus Christ and all the believers. All glory and praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ who is of the abundance of grace and love forever — Amen.

Our Dear Mother and Grandmother

"Dear mother, thank you for leading this family with love and patience. When encountering difficulties and challenges in life, you were always like a beacon in the storm, encouraging me and praying for the presence and guidance of Jesus Christ. I am sure by God’s will, He let you rest from the pain and suffering of the last days, and return to the heavenly home to enjoy the beauty that God promised. Thank you for being not only a loving mother in my life, but also a mentor, coach and cheerleader in my growth. May you rest in peace." – Chonyie

"Thank you for taking care of your family with your selfless love throughout your life. You have set an example for us by sticking to your faith all your life. Although I can only understand a little bit of Taiwanese, I can deeply feel your love, Tolerance and acceptance. Although I am sad to leave you, I still want to thank the heavenly Father for allowing you to let go of the troubles and worries in the world, and to lead you back to the eternal and perfect home in peace. May you rest in peace." – Gim

"During my growing up, my mother taught me to cherish and work hard to learn about life. Prayer before meals and bed time since I was a child is the cultivation of faith. She told me to participate in church fellowships and not to deviate from the Lord’s way. Thanks to mother for giving us a happy family, cultivating the foundation of our faith, and fulfilling our mission of continuing the next generation. We bless mom to meet dad in heaven, and please pray for us to live according to the Lord’s will so that we can meet you in heaven in the future. Amen" – Grace

"My mother-in-law is just like my own mother in my heart. Every time I came back to visit her, she always prepared delicious meals for us. She was often concerned about my mother's health and cared about my family. The mother-in-law always gave generously, but she herself was quite frugal. These virtues have also deeply affected my wife. Her life was entirely dependent on God's grace. Seeing my mother-in-law's pale and sick face on the hospital bed, she still tried her best to talk with us, which touched me deeply. I believe that the Lord has led her across the valley of the shadow of death and taken her back to her heavenly home. Glory to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen!" – Joseph

"Thanks to my mother for nurturing and teaching me all the way since I was a child, taking me into Sunday school, from being a stranger to enjoying the joy of Sunday school, and telling me the meaning of tithing. These are the inexhaustible graces in my life. Thank you, Mom, for the greatest gift of my life." –Fangpin

"My memories as a child are filled with the sounds of my grandmother calling my name “Daniel!” She would light up with a smile and laughter whenever we were around. And I remember all the nights I would walk to my grandparent’s room to wish them a goodnight. Thank you for the warmth you brought into our homes and our lives. As an adult, I look back on that time and notice my grandmother’s patience and devotion to family. In life she was an anchor for her family and always worked hard to provide for those around her. I will remember her as an example of peace. Although she has moved on, I see examples of her hard working nature in my father, steadfast devotion in my aunt, and even stubbornness in myself. I will find peace knowing that parts of her live on in all of us touched by her life. I love you and look forward to the day we reunite in the kingdom of heaven."  – Daniel

"Ah Ma, I will always cherish the memories I have of visiting you in Taiwan. You were always so kind and caring. You always worried if I was too cold, if there was food I liked to eat, or if the bed was comfortable enough. I'm thankful for the time we had. I love you and miss you. May you rest in peace." – Philip


Her Life

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